So i’ve done it. Taken away a couple of Joen’s exes so that he’s left with four. I’ve redesigned them all, (well, more or less just tweaked their design some). Except for Reina because she’s honestly my favourite in terms of colourscheme. xD Anyway I might as well take this opportunity to give you a bit of insight on their personalities. I won’t go into detail too much about their relationships with Joen since I’ll be saving that for Klausen.

Alice - Quite a chirpy and outgoing filly. She was Joen’s first girlfriend, both meeting back when they were in school together, hence why I drew her in school uniform. I also drew her in a ballet outfit since her specialty is dancing, mainly ballet. She’s Germane (German in case you don’t get the stupid puns I have to put up with). She’s from Berlin, and because of that she’s gained the nickname Lin, Linny, or Linnyface as Joen calls her. She also has a strange character, much like Joen. She loves weird things, except she’s very happy and bouncy most of the time which is completely the opposite to Joen, despite how much she lightens him up when she’s around him.

Reina - A mare who also attended the same school as Joen but didn’t know him until he stopped by the library she and her parents worked at one day. Reina is normally calm and patient, but when she loses her temper, she can get extremely fierce. She has a strong passion for books, reading and stories, and has a strong and open minded imagination. She’s also a massive fangirl and loves comics and super heroes just like Joen does. Reina is normally seen with a key around her neck and a bandana. She has a little mole beside her mouth. Reina has a british accent (typically london sounding, although not posh nor cockney. Also I need to figure out the pony word for London and all that so bare with me on that)

Catherine - A popular mare in school who also attended the same school as Joen. She’s your typical popular school filly that every colt wants to bang. Catherine is captain of her cheer leading team. She’s normally seen with either her cheer leading outfit on, or with a magenta scarf and a hair clip in her mane, normally with her mane tied up in a ponytail. She can be bitchy sometimes and nice other times, but usually she acts sarcastic with everyone. She got wet for Joen as soon as he started parading around the school with his leather jacket. lol

Charlotte - She didn’t meet Joen until he was older, just reaching his 20s or so. Charlotte is a lot like Reina in some ways. She’s calm and patient, but a lot more mature. She works in a department store in the city. Charlotte is normally referred to as Chars by Joen. She also models professionally down to making it on a couple of magazine covers, although she is not absolutely well known by any pony to be honest. Chars also has a bit of an addiction with coffee. She’s also spiritual, and sometimes even meditates.


Aight I think that’s all for now, enjoy the updated designs. I myself am about to pass out, so laters! Yes Joen has banged all of these mares

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